It’s the chance of a lifetime— winning a talent contest, and immediately being signed to a major label. Shows like American Idol and The Voice have put some of today’s most popular music artists on the radar, as so many of those platforms do. Singer-songwriter Vassy's journey only proves that statement true. You more-than-likely have heard her music in passing, but it's her story that authenticates her one-of-a-kind sound. Born in in the Northern Territory of Australia to Greek immigrants, Vasiliki Karagiorgos, dreamt of having a singing career in Hollywood one day. One that would possibly follow the footsteps of her own idol, music legend Billie Holiday.

After chopping off most of her birth name to leave nothing but her current sassy mononym, Vassy’s life started to seem like one from a movie plot. Her hopeful vision started to come to fruition after winning a radio talent contest and was awarded a recording contract with Warner Brothers music in Australia. Releasing her first album My Affection in 2005, her unique sound, blended the rhythmic drums of R&B and jazz with the energy of dance, giving her a following that led to her big move to the United States, where she signed with dance mega-label Ultra Records in 2008. Working with producers like Richard Vission (Madonna, Lady Gaga) and Chico Bennett (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry) she led a national club tour in 2010, (mostly gay clubs and venues) where her new homo following started to take shape. Her music was placed on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty, as well as numerous commercial spots.

It’s now been two years, and Vassy’s newest album Beautiful Day was released in May of this year, and includes tracks with OneRepublic’s Tim Myers and producer Charlie Midnight (Joni Mitchell, Barbra Steisand, Cher). The just-released lead track “We Are Young” is her most inspired work yet, working with grammy-nominated producer and DJ David Audé and including upbeat motivational lyrics like

"Look ahead, don’t give up, when its rough, listen up to what I say…"

"We Are Young" has since proven to be just the hit needed to get the gays on their feet and get their hands on some Vass’. As if it couldn’t have been serendipitous enough, just earlier this month she performed the hit to a packed dance floor of young gay music lovers at the Avalon theatre in Hollywood, a mere steps from the original Capitol Records building. In its parking lot sits a large mural, featuring a glowing painting of her idol and inspiration, Billie Holiday, almost gazing right into the theatre. So as this Aussie import revels in her dreams and climbs the charts, we can all collectively shout in support "Kiss My Vassy!" —Scott McPherson

After the jump check out photos from Vassy’s performance at Tigerheat at the Avalon theatre, as well as the music video for her current single “We Are Young.”

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