TIME magazine released the April 8, 2013 issue today in two editions. One cover featuring a gay couple, and the other a lesbian couple, locking lips. The portraits are by photographer Peter Hapak, and outtakes of the couples, including additional duos that didn’t make the cover, can be seen here. The kissing men are real-life couple, film and television set designer Eric LaBonté & his domestic partner Russell Hart, a hair salon owner. Living in Los Angeles, the two have been together for 7 years and engaged since 2010. Says LaBonté (right):

"My parents have been married for 45 years and I always knew that was something that I wanted. I want our children to say, ‘My daddies are married.’ We wanted to feel like a complete package.”

See the second cover, which features Sarah and Kristen Ellis-Henderson of Sea Cliff, N.Y., after the jump.


Says Kristen (left):

“Sarah and I got married shortly after equality passed in New York State. It’s difficult to put into words what it felt like to validate our relationship that way in front of our family, friends, and neighbors. I often get choked up with emotion when trying to talk about it. Exhilarating. Justifying. Romantic. Amazing. None of those words individually captures it. Since becoming mothers, our tireless efforts for equality are more for our children than ourselves. We think of our kids on the playground with every other child they are growing up with - most have married parents. And now our children do too.”

Scott McPherson