The Stigma Project completed it’s Winter 2013 campaign, titled Know HIV this week. The colorful array of educational graphics were shared daily for the last month on the organization’s Facebook page, as well as a number of other social media outlets. The intent is to provide easy to digest memes that would hopefully teach the public something they may not have known about HIV/AIDS, then share with their friends to educate them. Each graphic proclaims the clever slogan “KNOW HIV = NO HIV” in the caption field.

In a day when HIV is a manageable disease, the stigma associated with the virus has become a catalyst for new infections. Fear, apathy, ignorance, and lack of education cause people to not get tested, and in turn pass the virus onto others much more easily due to a high viral load (see the letter V) while putting their own health at risk.

After the jump, we present  a preview of the campaign with the letters A-F. You can see the entire alphabet (and yes there’s even an X,Y, and Z) at or on their Facebook page at