Advocate James Duke Mason Disappear HereLGBT activist and son of Go-Go’s lead singer Belinda Carlisle, James Duke Mason is following in the steps of his late grandfather, actor James Mason. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Mason has been busy acting in his first starring role for the neo-noir thriller Disappear Here. The film, written by Robert Zimmer, Jr., and director Matthew Mishory, is about a young closeted actor who finds himself caught up in a blackmail conspiracy with a presidential candidate.

You may remember Mason from The Advocate's annual Forty Under 40 list back in 2010 and has since made quite the splash in the Hollywood scene. In April of 2011 he founded the Trailblazer campaign, encouraging closeted actors to come out and be an influential force in the fight for equality. Most notably, since January of this year, has served on the board of directors of OUTFEST, and at the age of 20, makes Mason the youngest appointed board member in the LGBT film festival’s 30-year history.  

The Disappear Here trailer is coming soon but the first stills from the project were just released this week and can be seen after the jump!

James Duke Mason as Chase in Disappear HereJames Duke Mason as Chase in Disappear Here, set to release in 2014.

Disappear Here James Duke Mason

Read more about the film on its Kickstarter page.