The Advocate Adam Lambert Halloween CostumeDoesn’t this year feel like the longest Halloween ever? That’s because while the holiday isn’t technically until tomorrow, the costume parties have been in full swing since last Friday. In West Hollywood, this day couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Moving from its usual Hollywood cemetery location, the annual “Fred and Jason’s Halloweenie” had an extra special venue at the backlot of the HBO hit series True Blood. In its 7th year, the costume celebration attracted hundreds of gays and ghouls dressed to their imagination’s best, and its proceeds benefitted the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles ( In attendance were some of Hollywood’s LGBT elite, including singer Adam Lambert, former *NSYNC member Lance Bass, television producer Peter Marc Jacobson, and Writer Bruce Vilanch.

Above: In an ode to True Blood, “Trespassing” Singer Adam Lambert flashes his fangs on the red carpet as a glitzy vintage vampire.

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Peter Marc Jacobson, the gay ex-husband to actress Fran Drescher and executive producer of the series Happily Divorced, is a sexy green beret officer. Or is it “green bear-et”?

Overtone’s member and star of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, Eduard Leonard as rival to vampire (so we hear), the werewolf. 

True Blood's Carolyn Hennesy as Carolyn Hennesy of True Blood. (We can forgive her for “not dressing in costume” since she is at work after all, where she wears a costume all the time. So in our minds this makes her “in costume.”)

"Fred and Jason" of "Fred and Jason’s Halloweenie" aren’t the on-screen serial killers you may have thought. Dressed more along the lines of "sailor killers" here are Fred Arens (left) and Jason Duguay (right), the party’s hunky hosts with the evening’s music man, DJ Aren.

(Photos by David B. Arenas