Advocate Art Condom ContestLos Angeles County is hosting a condom wrapper design contest, sponsored by ONE condoms. The winning wrapper designs will be featured on one million and one condoms distributed across LA. 

A panel of six judges (including blogger Perez Hilton, and myself, The Advocate's creative director and co-founder of The Stigma Project) will narrow the selection down to 50. From those chosen, the public will be able to go online to and vote for their top 10 designs.

What are we looking for as judges? We’re looking for designs that represent Los Angeles in a creative, unique way. Whether it be a particular neighborhood or city, from Venice to West Hollywood, or creating an all new logo for Los Angeles to call it’s own. And if you want to throw a little humor in as well, that never hurts.

The deadline to submit a design is this Sunday, June 17, and you must be a resident of L.A. County and 18 or older.

Click here for more information and to submit a design. —Scott McPherson